Our number one goal is to show each and every client how STRONG they are and can be. Bootcamp is designed to focus on you being STRONG first. These classes are designed to work for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Build lean strong dense muscles, melt fat from your body and become the strongest versions of yourself possible. Combine this amazing strength training protocol with our one of a kind conditioning programming that is thrown into the mix and you have a guaranteed fun and inspiring program that will work. Get strong, get lean and never look back!

Available with any Unlimited membership or class passes.


W.O.D is a weightlifting based program designed to educate and create strength gains with every client. W.O.D workout will always start with a main lift or lifts focus. Teaching quality of movement, range of motion and then adding weight when necessary is how we will create the healthiest strongest version of you possible. Every W.O.D workout will finish with a fun and fast conditioning workout to help you hit that fat burning zone and perfectly compliment your lift or lifts from that day. This program will change the way you think about working out for ever.

Available with any Unlimited membership or class passes.

Open Gym & Open Bootcamp/W.O.D

Open Gym & Open Bootcamp/W.O.D classes listed on the schedule are times set aside for all members to come in during non structured classes to get their workouts in. For example if you can not make a 9:15 am bootcamp, but would love to still get your workout in, book your spot in the Open Bootcamp/W.O.D class time. These Open hours allow you to utilize the amazing programs designed by Commit 2B Fit to fit your schedule. All workouts will be written on the corresponding boards for you to pick and choose what you would like to do. We want you to feel like you have the flexibility to come in anytime you can and make your fitness goals a reality. Open times will not be a structured class guided step by step by a coach. Open times will be on you to make the most of your time here. Coaches will be around to provide guidance, set up timers and make sure your form is on point when needed. Coaches will be performing other duties around the facility during these hours but will always be there to lend a hand when needed and answer questions.

Month to Month Unlimited Memberships:

Month to month unlimited memberships are a non commitment style membership that is valid for ALL Bootcamp, W.O.D and Open gym times. No need to sign a three, six or year long contract to get the best training around. This membership is the BEST bang for your buck.

  • $99 + TAX per month

Class Passes:

Drop In Classes:


Receive 15% OFF For Life (does not include personal training)

Family Member Discount:

New family member receives 10% OFF – ONLY ON MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS/PASSES
(10% off for life as long as the other family member has a active monthly membership)

Student Discount:

All students receive 50% OFF all passes and memberships with a valid student ID.

*Deals do not stack (i.e you can’t get 15% of for being a fire fighter and another 10% off as a family member)*

Membership Cancelation:

If you decide that you need to cancel a membership, please provide us with a minimum two weeks notice prior to your memberships renewal date and we can put a stop on the payments for you. Once you decide you are ready to come back we can set you up again on  no commitment month to month membership easily.