How is this different from other gyms?

Commit 2B Fit is different from other gyms simply because we care. With your membership you don’t just get the luxury of walking through our door to walk on a treadmill! You get the opportunity to join our family of clients and friends and experience the toughest and most rewarding Group Training/Kickboxing classes around. We are NOT Crossfit! Our programming is customized to keep you safe and to make sure your body never gets the opportunity to plateau. As far as we know we are Durham’s Original Kettlebell Gym! If you want to see changes in your strength, flexibility and body composition then you need to keep reading and sign up for your Kettlebell Basics program.

The workouts look intense, do you think I can do it?

Yes anyone can do anything as long as they want to do it. We have every shape, size, age and fitness level in our programs. All programs and coaches are ready to modify the program or specific exercise appropriately to insure a safe, effective and also TOUGH workout for all clients.

What results can I expect?

Fitness just like in life, “You Will Only Get What You Put In”. If you are willing to come and leave your fears at the door and give yourself 100% to these programs, you will see results and you will see changes in yourself.

Ok, I want to try this. How do I get started?

To get started, please CLICK HERE to read about our Kettlebell Basics program.

After My Kettlebell Basics program, what are my options for a membership?

As a gift for graduating the Kettlebell Basics program, we will give you your first One Month Unlimited Membership FREE, to say thank you. After your gift Unlimited One Month Membership you can check out all of our memberships on our membership page. CLICK HERE

When I become a member, how often am I allowed to come?

You can come as many times per week as you want or need. If you are on a unlimited membership you have unlimited access to all classes. If you are on a class pass you have your 10 classes to use at your own leisure. We suggest to start 2-3 times per week and work up from there, but always listening to your body.

Do you need to book your spot in the classes you want to attend?

Yes you have to register your spot in all classes. You can do that by using our ONLINE SCHEDULAR.

What if I have a pre existing injury or have not exercised in a long time?

All classes and movements can be modified for ever shape, size and fitness level in the class. Do not be afraid of not being able to achieve your health and fitness goals, anyone can with the right support.

What classes am I allowed to attend?

No matter what membership or pass that you have with Commit 2B Fit, you can attend any and all classes on the schedule.

Can I get changed at the facility? Do you have showers?

Yes, you can get changed here if needed. We do not have showers in this location currently.

What do I need to bring for a class? Do I need my own gloves for the Kickboxing Bootcamps?

If the weather is bad, please make sure you have a pair of clean runners to wear in the gym. Dress comfortably. Yes, you need your own gloves for the Kickboxing Bootcamps. Make sure the gloves have a strong and supportive wrist wrap.

Is there parking on site?

There is plenty of parking around the building. Free of charge. You can park in front of the unit or down the side of the building/around the other side of the building too. If you park on the street in front of the gym make sure you park on the other side of the street to make sure you do not get a ticket.

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

Come prepared with the right attitude to learn new and exciting things. Be ready to have a workout like no other you have ever had. Last but not least be ready to achieve what you never thought you could.